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The free imperial city

Cologne Anno 1475

Cologne 1475: the city becomes a de jure free imperial city. What was life like back then? How must one imagine life in the largest city in the German-speaking world at that time, with around 40000 inhabitants? This documentary illustrates everyday life at that time. Elaborate animations help to better understand and classify life at that time.
Cathedral building Enlarge image Cathedral building
Old Town Alley Enlarge image Old Town Alley
Groß St. Martin Enlarge image Groß St. Martin
Severinstor Enlarge image Severinstor
Rheingassentor Enlarge image Rheingassentor
Play Scene Enlarge image Play Scene
Play Scene Enlarge image Play Scene
Play Scene Enlarge image Play Scene
City guard Enlarge image City guard
Play Scene Enlarge image Play Scene
Blacksmith Enlarge image Blacksmith
Wine tavern Enlarge image Wine tavern
Ehrentorburg Enlarge image Ehrentorburg
Play Scene Enlarge image Play Scene
Parlor Enlarge image Stube
Play Scene Enlarge image Play Scene


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The almost 1 hour long film on USB stick for TV and computer is available at TimeRide VR at Alter Markt in Cologne or can be ordered directly here for the price of 16,95 Euro plus 3,00 Euro packing and shipping. To do so, please send us an e-mail to: and include your name and address here. You can order the film by prepayment (bank details will be sent to you) or by cash on delivery (plus 4,40 Euro cash on delivery fee of Deutsche Post).

USB Card - Cologne Anno 1475


A film by Jens F. Walther

First Unit Directors: Jens F. Walther

Second Unit Director: Frank Schnütgen

Second Unit Director: Helmut H. F. Walther

Casting: Katja von Berg

Music: Epikur II

Text: Petra Moos


Press excerpts:

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