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The Cologne cathedral in 2 and 3D

In close cooperation with the Metropolitan Chapter of the High Cathedral Church in Cologne and the Central Cathedral Building Association, we were able to realize the elaborate 2D/3D documentary about Cologne Cathedral. The film shows different aspects of the Cologne Cathedral and has several interwoven -red threads-.

- The historic cathedral, from the laying of the foundation stone to the present day. - The cathedral as a total work of art. - A day in and around the cathedral and in the life of the cathedral builder.

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The foundation stone of Cologne Cathedral was laid in 1248 under Konrad von Hochstaden. Cathedral master builder Gerhard was entrusted with the design and execution. The Gothic choir was consecrated in 1322. After its completion, the side aisles of the nave and two stories of the south tower were built. In 1530 the construction works were stopped due to lack of money. In 1794, French Revolutionary troops entered Cologne and desecrated the church. After the defeat of Napoleon, Europe was reorganized and Cologne was assigned to Prussia. In 1842, funds from the Prussian treasury and the Zentral-Dombau-Verein enabled Cologne's landmark to be completed by 1880.

The cathedral is a unique work of art built according to the original plans of the 13th century. Its works of art are of immense value.

The 45 minute film in 2D and 3D on USB stick for TV and computer can be ordered here directly for the price of 16.95 Euro plus 3.00 Euro packaging and shipping. Please send us an e-mail to: and include your name and address. You can order the movie by prepayment (bank details will be sent to you) or by cash on delivery (plus 4,40 Euro cash on delivery fee of Deutsche Post).

Alternatively, you can also pay for the stick securely via Commdoo and PayPal. Click the price button for this. You will then be redirected to the PayPal page. Again, please enter your name and address for delivery.